Application for the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians
Deadline: February 16, 2018
Please be advised that the Kish Fellowship Deadline is Feb. 12, 2016.

To apply for the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians:

Applicant name:
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English Proficiency:

SPSS participants must give evidence of English proficiency. Adequate proficiency includes (1) one or more years of university level study in English, (2) satisfactory TOEFL scores, or (3) satisfactory MELAB scores (a test administered by the University of Michigan English Language Institute)

Please state your evidence of English proficiency:

Work Experience:

Please complete the following information and forward your resume or CV to

Present occupation:

Current Employer:

Length of employment
at current employer:

Briefly describe work experience in survey research, particularly in sample design & survey sampling:

Graduate Course Experience:

Our admissions committee would like information about graduate level courses you have taken in the areas of statistics and quantitative methods. Please list the course name, brief description, name of university and the grade you earned:

Personal Statement:

Explain why you are interested in studying sampling methods:

Describe what your plans for the next five years with the training received in the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians:

Check if applying for the Leslie Kish International Fellowship
        (if checked yes please complete the next three questions to be considered for funding)

Statement for Financial Need:

State your need clearly. Please identify any source of funding you will receive to cover fees, living expenses and/or after travel cost.

Discuss why attending the Summer Institute is vital to your success. Discuss why obtaining funding is a priority.

State what you are willing to pay or have set aside for your education. This can include money from a job, savings or scholarship.

There must be a value placed in every field for your application to be accepted.