The 2016 Election Research Preacceptance Competition

This competition is for scholars who want to conduct research on the 2016 election. With generous support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, we are offering an award of $2,000 and placement on a panel at a major political science conference to scholars who publish an article in which the hypotheses and design were registered before the data were publicly available.

To reward scholars for preregistering their designs, we have assembled a group of top political science journals that have agreed to review and provisionally accept manuscripts including preregistered analyses of the 2016 ANES general election study before the data is available.


Project Website

Arthur Lupia, Center for Political Studies (PI)
Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth College)

Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Center for Open Science, BITSS, DART, ANES, Center for Political Studies (CPS), American National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Period
July 6, 2016 - December 31, 2018