Workshop: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Using Social Science to Improve Health Outcomes

This project organizes a conference at the University of Michigan that will focus on how to improve communication of critical medical and public health information to non-academic audiences, bringing together experts on science communication, scholars working to improve public health messaging, and social scientists who focus on the psychological foundations of how people learn. All participants will have opportunities to articulate challenges that they face, to demonstrate existing methods that improve communicative effectiveness, and to propose research agendas that can provide new insights that advance science and benefit society.

Health Science Communication Conference, June 17-18, 2016


Kenneth Kollman, Center for Political Studies (PI)
Arthur Lupia, Center for Political Studies (Co-PI)
Michael Traugott, Center for Political Studies (Co-PI)

American National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Period
November 1, 2015 - October 31, 2016