The Data Access & Research Transparency (DART): A Joint Statement by Political Science Journal Editors

This project is a new way for social scientists to achieve greater data sharing and research transparency. Transparency requires making visible both the empirical foundation and the logic of inquiry of research. The goals of this project are to 1) Require authors to ensure that cited data are available at the time of publication through a trusted digital repository; 2) Require authors to delineate clearly the analytic procedures upon which their published claims rely, and where possible to provide access to all relevant analytic materials; 3) Maintain a consistent data citation policy to increase the credit that data creators and suppliers receive for their work; and 4) Ensure that journal style guides, codes of ethics, publication manuals, and other forms of guidance are updated and expanded to include improved data access and research transparency requirements.


Project Website


Arthur Lupia, Center for Political Studies
Colin Elman, Syracuse University