Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA): Transitioning to a Sustainable Public Good

The Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA) is an online repository of detailed data from elections to national legislative lower houses around the world. Currently containing results at the constituency level of 1,494 elections from 129 countries, this award-winning archive is the premier one of its kind, affording the greatest geographic and temporal scope, innovative indicators, extensive documentation on political and electoral systems, and tools to customize output to user needs.

This project enables the design and installation of a new structure of governance; develop an appropriate strategic plan for long-term funding; and augment the archive to a point where it is in the best possible shape when the transition occurs, by expanding the contents of the archive with an eye toward maximizing its global and temporal coverage.


Project Website


Kenneth Kollman, Center for Political Studies (PI)
Allen Hicken, Center for Political Studies (Co-PI)
David Backer, University of Maryland (Co-PI)
David I. Lublin, American University (Co-PI)

American National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Period
August 15, 2015 - July 31, 2016