Lars Kaczmirek

Visiting Scholar


Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist, Center for Political Studies


Lars Kaczmirek's Personal Website

4201 ISR-Thompson
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1248

Phone: 734-763-1348
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Lars Kaczmirek is the head of AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive in Vienna with a professional background in psychology. He is also associate professor at the Australian National University (ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences) in Canberra and adjunct assistant research scientist at the University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research (ISR), Center for Political Studies (CPS).

Selected publications.

Rossmann, J., Gummer, T., Kaczmirek L. (in print). Working with User Agent Strings in Stata: The parseuas Command. Journal of Statistical Software, xx, xx, xx-xx. doi:10.18637/jss.v000.i00

Gweon, H., Schonlau, M., Kaczmirek, L., Blohm, M., Steiner, S. (2017). Three methods for occupation coding based on statistical learning. Journal of Official Statistics, 33, 101-122. doi:10.1515/jos-2017-0006

Struminskaya, B., De Leeuw, E., Kaczmirek, L. (2015). Mode system effects in an online panel study: Comparing a probability-based online panel with two face-to-face reference surveys. Methods, data, analyses, 9, 3-56. doi:10.12758/mda.2015.001

Behr, D., Braun, M., Kaczmirek, L., Bandilla, W. (2014). Item comparability in cross-national surveys: results from asking probing questions in cross-national web surveys about attitudes towards civil disobedience. Quality & Quantity, 48, 127-148. doi:10.1007/s11135-012-9754-8

Behr, D., Bandilla, W., Kaczmirek, L., Braun, M. (2014). Cognitive probes in web surveys: on the effect of different text box size and probing exposure on response quality. Social Science Computer Review, 32, 524-533. doi:1177/0894439313485203