Hanes Walton

Previously Associated


Research Professor, Center for Political Studies
Professor, Department of Political Science

Associated with CPS from 1992-2013


Ph.D. 1967 Howard University (Government)

CPS Projects

Elite Communications and Racial Group Conflict in the 21st Century

In Memoriam

Posted January 15, 2013: We announce with great sorrow that Center for Political Studies (CPS) Professor Hanes Walton passed away on Monday January 7, 2013. CPS Director Nancy Burns notes that "Hanes Walton transformed a field. With his books on black politics, he created the theoretical and empirical building blocks for the study of African-American politics and political behavior. He was a key mentor to generations of scholars in the field. Walton was a generous and passionate scholar and colleague."

The Hanes Walton, Jr. Endowment for Graduate Study in Racial and Ethnic Politics

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