Yuri Zhukov

Research Faculty


Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies
Assistant Professor of Political Science, LSA


Ph.D. 2014 Harvard University (Government)


Yuri Zhukov’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)
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Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan
Room 4256, 426 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104–2321, United States

Phone: 734–763–2864
Fax: 734–764–3341
Email: zhukov@umich.edu

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Yuri's research interests include international security, civil war, insurgency and counterinsurgency, policy diffusion, civil-military relations, Russian and Eurasian politics

Selected publications. Please also see Yuri Zhukov’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)...

"Until the Bitter End? The Diffusion of Surrender and Desertion in Modern Battle." International Organization, (forthcoming).

Baum, Matthew A., et al. "Does Rape Culture Predict Rape? Evidence from U.S. Newspapers, 2000–2013." Quarterly Journal of Political Science, vol. 13, no. 3, 2018, pp. 263–289., doi:10.1561/100.00016124.

Zhukov, Yuri M, and Roya Talibova. "Stalin’s Terror and the Long-Term Political Effects of Mass Repression." Journal of Peace Research, vol. 55, no. 2, 2018, pp. 267–283., doi:10.1177/0022343317751261.

Kostyuk, Nadiya, and Yuri M. Zhukov. "Invisible Digital Front." Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2017, p. 002200271773713., doi:10.1177/0022002717737138.

Rozenas, Arturas, et al. "The Political Legacy of Violence: The Long-Term Impact of Stalin’s Repression in Ukraine." The Journal of Politics, vol. 79, no. 4, 2017, pp. 1147–1161., doi:10.1086/692964.