Garth Taylor Dissertation Fellowship in Public Opinion

The Garth Taylor Dissertation Fellowship in Public Opinion will support a doctoral student at the University of Michigan who is completing his or her dissertation on a topic related to the study of public opinion. The dissertation should be primarily a quantitative study of U.S. public opinion as either a dependent or independent variable. Research can be with national or lower level data as well as part of an international comparative study. The projects should not be primarily methodological. Award and acceptance of the Taylor Dissertation Fellowship does not preclude the incumbent from holding a simultaneous GSI or GSRA position. Applicants will be required to have defended their dissertation prospectus before the application date.

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Past Award Winners

2019 Winning Proposal: Jane Kitaevich

2018 Winning Proposal: Kirill Zhirkov

2017 Winning Proposal: Hakeem Jefferson

2016 Winning Proposal: Jennifer Chudy

2015 Winning Proposal: Logan Casey

2014 Winning Proposal: Kristyn L. Karl