Center Research Faculty and Staff

Research faculty and staff from a number of departments and schools across the University of Michigan as well as other universities are involved in MPRC research. A listing of researchers is given below.


This is a multidisciplinary team of researchers coming from the disciplines of biostatistics, psychology, sociology, economics, epidemiology, social work, and public health. The substantive knowledge and methodological expertise represented in this group of scientists is quite broad and includes expertise in psychosocial epidemiology (Kessler and House) the economics of poverty and the economics of benefit/cost analysis (Danziger and Gramlich), biostatistics (Little) social psychological and developmental perspectives on prevention (Vinokur, Caplan, Howe, Oyserman, Price, and Sameroff) expertise on organization behavior in human service systems (Caplan, Saavedra, and Price) and expertise in the development and behavior change, stress and coping in individuals and families (Vinokur, Howe, Caplan, and Price).


  • Paula Barrickman, Graduate Student Research Assistant
  • Steven Barnaby, Research Associate II (Trainer)
  • Lillian Berlin, Research Assistant
  • Catherine Buck, Research Associate II
  • Jinnam Choi, Graduate Student Research Assistant
  • Susan Clemmer, Administrative Assistant II
  • Diana Cramer, Research Associate II (Trainer)
  • Barbara Deroba, Research Associate II
  • Daniel Friedland, Graduate Student Research Assistant
  • Elfriede Georgal, Research Associate I
  • John Gingrich, Research Associate II (Trainer)
  • Susan Manney, Research Associate II
  • Barbara Hutton, Research Associate II
  • Barbara Strane, Administrative Assistant II
  • Paula Wishart, Research Associate II
  • Maria Wong, Postdoctoral Trainee
  • Cori Wright, Research Secretary III
  • Amy Wrzesniewski, Research Associate II
  • Linda Yau, Graduate Student Research Assistant
  • These staff members provide critical administrative, technical and logistical support to all MPRC research, training and dissemination activities. They are a vital human resource supporting the MPRC program.

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