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Required Disclaimer for ALL papers, books, chapters and monographs written using results obtained using confidential Census Bureau data at Census Research Data Centers

“The research in this paper (chapter, ...) was conducted while the authors were Special Sworn Status researchers of the U.S. Census Bureau at the [XX Census Research Data Center]. Research results and conclusions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Census Bureau. This paper has been screened to insure that no confidential data are revealed.”

NSF Funding Acknowledgment for Projects at the Michigan Census Research Data Center

The MCRDC is also currently supported by two NSF grants.  Since these grants support all of the research conducted at the MCRDC, we would also appreciate your acknowledging them in any publications (e.g. Support for this research at the MCRDC from NSF (awards no.SES-0004322 and ITR-0427889) is gratefully acknowledged.).

Presentation/Publication Information Sheet

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