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Stefan Bender, the head of the research center of the German BLS-equivalent (IAB Institut fuer Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung), recently visited the Department of Economics and presented research opportunities using German data. 

These are mostly, but not limited to, high quality administrative data (plus some surveys), mostly at the firm or establishment level, but also matched employer-employee data. The German statistical institutions (in particular the IAB) are eager for international researchers to use their data, so they will be very accommodating (there will not be language problems with staff or documentation, either).  During his presentation, Stefan stated that there are almost no administrative hassles involved (other than signing a simple confidentiality form) and that there are even grants out there for interesting research projects that would cover your stay at the data sites.

German Data Presentation: Providing Access to Microdata: The German Experience and the RDC of the BA in the IAB

The following links provide additional information on the RDCs and available data:

Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency: http://fdz.iab.de/en/FDZ_Data_access.aspx

Research Data Centres of the Federal Statistical Office: http://www.forschungsdatenzentrum.de/en/ 



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