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The Michigan Census Research Data Center (MCRDC) is a joint project of the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the University of Michigan. It enables qualified, confidentiality-abiding researchers with approved projects to access confidential, unpublished Census Bureau data under the provisions of Title 13, sec. 9 U.S.C.. The Census Bureauís Center for Economic Studies has developed and put into practice the concept of Research Data Centers (RDCs). The RDCs provide a secure Census Bureau environment where researchers may have limited access to confidential economic, demographic and public health microdata, with appropriate safeguards to protect data confidentiality. This controlled environment ensures that the Census Bureauís standards for ensuring the confidentiality of data by its census and survey respondents is rigorously maintained.

The ability to analyze data on individuals, households, establishments, and firms has enormous scientific benefits. These include the ability to make full use of the information collected by government agencies; to analyze the behavior of individuals and firms taking into account the heterogeneity of behavior and characteristics; and to combine sources of data at the individual level to study relationships obscured by more aggregate data.

The MCRDC is a project of the Survey Research Center and the Institute for Social Research. The MCRDC is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, by units of the University of Michigan, and by fees charged to researchers.

Researchers interested in using the MCRDC are urged to consult us directly at mcrdc@umich.edu.  Proposal guidelines and other information are available on the proposal link of this website.

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