Carey Wexler Sherman
  Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Department of Family Social Science

Carey ShermanDr. Sherman is a research investigator in the Life Course Development Program. Trained in developmental psychology and family social science, Sherman's research examines the role of social relations and health-related support on older adults' health and well-being. Sherman's specific studies focus on family caregiving, later life remarriage and stepfamily dynamics, and caregiver interventions. Dr. Sherman conducted a study of remarried caregivers funded by the national Alzheimer's Association. Additionally, as one of the co-developers of the Savvy Caregiver Program (SCP), an evidence-based dementia family caregiver intervention, Dr. Sherman serves as training and evaluation consultant for Michigan's state-wide SCP implementation. Sherman is currently conducting a study of adult stepchildren, and will be collaborating with colleagues at the UM Medical School to adapt SCP-like interventions for caregivers of patients with liver disease and for persons with mild cognitive impairment. For more information on any of these studies, please contact Dr. Sherman at .


2013 New Publication

Remarriages Add Complexity to Dementia Caregiving

Study Finds Wives Often Struggle With Stepchildren Over Caregiving