Daily Health, Stress, and Relationships Study
The Daily Health, Stress, and Relationships study (Birditt, 2012) included a total of 110 participants (59 % women) who completed a baseline phone interview and daily phone interviews for 14 days. Data were collected by the Survey Research Center (SRC) at the Institute of Social Research, University of Michigan. Participants were randomly selectedfrom a list sample of individuals in the metro Detroit Wayne County purchased from Marketing Systems Group/GENESYS Sampling Systems. The list was composed of households that have agreed to be included (or "listed") in published or electronic telephone directories. Participants ranged from age 40 to 95 years old. The sample was stratified by age and gender and evenly distributed in the age ranges of 40 to 59 (n = 37), 60 to 79 (n = 37), and 80 to 95 (n = 36). Participants completed an average of 13.23 (SD = 1.85) days of daily interviews (response rate = 95%); 73% of participants completed all 14 days (see Table 1 for a sample description).  Participants completed assessments of their social networks, social interactions, well-being and provided saliva samples for four days which was analyzed for cortisol, alpha-amylase, and DHEA-S.