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ISR Update: The online complement to the ISR Sampler

ISR Update, the online complement to the ISR Sampler, designed to keep you up to date on all the latest news about ISR research, events, and people

From the Director

James Jackson  

I hope that all of you are enjoying autumn, and that you'll also enjoy this publication designed to link our alumni and friends around the world to news and information about the ISR community.

This has been a banner year for ISR, with a $14.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health allowing us to expand our Thompson Street Building. You can read more about this exciting expansion in the Fall 2010 edition of the ISR Sampler (PDF).

The Sampler also features profiles of a few recent student award-winners, and you'll soon be hearing more about ways you can help ISR support the Next Generation.

To find out all the latest news about ISR events, research, and people, please visit our website and our page on Facebook.



Igor Grossmann  

Supporting the Next Generation

In this video, Igor Grossmann, the winner of the Daniel Katz Dissertation Fellowship, talks about his research and his aspirations. Read more about Grossmann on page 13 of the Fall 2010 edition of the ISR Sampler (PDF).

Photo by: Getty Images


Michael Traugott  

Michael Traugott discusses the 2010 midterm elections.

In this video Prof. Traugott provides perspective on the coming midterm elections and offers predictions about the outcomes.


Research News


"Divorce: ISR study shows how fight styles affect marital longevity."

Learn more by listening to our podcast.

Credit: Erik Kreps

"Psychological impact of Mideast violence on children."

Read more about the devastating impact war has had on Palestinian and Israeli children.

"Diversity of grieving among Alzheimer's caregivers."

New research from the University of Michigan reveals racial and ethnic differences in the emotional attitudes of caregivers of Alzheimer's disease patients.


HRS 20  

HRS @ 20

Richard Suzman, left, and Richard Hodes, of the National Institute on Aging, joined David Weir, Director of the ISR Health & Retirement Study, to celebrate the study's 20th anniversary.

Credit: U-M Photo Services


Society 2030  

Society 2030 Consortium holds its second meeting

Sheryl Connelly, Ford Motor Company, talks with ISR research Jacqui Smith about the nation's changing age structure.


In the News


Wayne Baker was quoted in the September 2 Examiner and other media outlets about Americans' core values.

Credit: Thinkstock Photos

Richard Curtin was quoted in the September 19 Washington Post in a Robert Samuelson column titled, "Economic blame game misses the big picture."

Kandice Kapinos was quoted in Yahoo! India and other media on September 22 about her research showing that college freshman with heavy roommates gain less.



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