University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research

The Innovation in Social Research Fellowship

The Innovation in Social Research Fellowship was designed to support a candidate to complete dissertation research and writing. The Fellowship Fund has been depleted as per the donors’ wishes, so ISR is no longer offering the Innovation Fellowship.

The purpose of this fellowship was to promote innovative empirically grounded, social scientific analysis of important intellectual or practical issues pertaining to human behavior or social life. The proposed research challenged conventional wisdom, used innovative/novel techniques and/or cross-disciplinary boundaries in new and unusual ways. In addition, the award facilitated such analysis in active association with an ISR research project or program area.

Innovation Fellowship Awardees

Recipient Department Year Dissertation Title
Jack Sandberg Sociology 2001 Child Mortality, Family Building, and Social Learning in Two Nepalese Communities
Corrine McConnaughy Political Science 2002 Extension of Suffrage as Policy Innovation - A Comparative Study of the American States
Christopher Thoms SNRE 2003 Devolutionary Disconnect: A Political Ecology of British Aid, Commuity Forestry and the Gap Between Policy and Practice in Nepal
Laramie Taylor Communications 2004 Framing Articles About Sex in Popular Magazines: Processes and Effects
Yu Niia Psychology 2005 Contingent Self-Worth and Vulnerable Self-Esteem: Learning Orientations as a Buffer
Claudia Sahm Economics 2006 Changes in Risk Preference
Nathalie Williams Sociology 2007 Migration and Armed Conflict: the civilian consequences of political violence
Tiffany Griffin Psychology 2008 Intersections of Class, Race, and Gender in Present‐ and Post‐Affirmative Action Higher Educational Contexts: Implications for Discrimination and Policy
Kenichi Argia Political Science 2009 Entrenched Incumbents? Comparative Analysis of Incumbency Advantage Across Different Electoral Rules
Jennifer Eckerman Yarger Public Policy, Sociology 2009 The Influence of Employment Characteristics on Fertility Attitudes and Behavior
Matias Bargsted Political Science 2010 A Cross-National Cognitive Approach to Mass Behavior
W. Abraham Gong Public Policy, Political Science 2011 What Theories of Political Participation can teach us about the Blogosphere and vice versa?