GENES, Cognition and Social Behavior


This website contains a report on whether and how entities such as NSF should support social scientific research that builds from increasingly credible biological foundations.

Its conclusions are derived from a workshop and associated white papers that were developed in the spring and summer of 2010 and presented to NSF in June of that year.

The workshop's main objective was to specify how fundable research on genetics, cognition and social behavior will generate transformative scientific practices, scholarly infrastructure, and widely relevant findings of high social value.

The report pays particular attention relative investment returns. The key question is not whether new investments in research on genes, cognition, and social behavior can generate positive scientific and social impacts, but whether the likely returns on these investments are greater or less than those that could be earned were individual scholars, research institutions, and the federal government to invest their funds elsewhere.


When is biologically-informed social behavioral research more valuable than research that ignores biology?