Collaborative Research: An Organizational Approach to State Repression: The Northern Ireland Research Initiative and the Troubles, 1968-1998

This project will greatly improve our understanding of state repression/human rights violation and the circumstances involved with their use as it steps away from the largely invariant structural characteristics highlighted within the existing literature. The potential impacts of the findings are immense in that almost all studies of the topic have assumed that agents do what they are told and that principals have some idea of what is taking place on the ground. If neither of these assumptions is true, this calls into question many of the findings and conclusions on the topic to date. Understanding the interaction between the agents of coercion and those who give the orders will fundamentally advance our knowledge of state violence against it citizens leading to greater accountability and ultimately prevention measures.




Christian Davenport, Center for Political Studies (PI)
Cyanne Loyle, Indiana University (Co-PI)
Christopher Sullivan, Louisiana State University (Co-PI)

Current Funding
American National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Period
August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2017