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Political Economy Working Papers Archive:  PEWPA

Welcome to the Political Economy Working Papers Archive, PEWPA (pronounced 'PEW-pah'). This site is funded and hosted by the Center for Political Studies of the Institute for Social Research at The University of Michigan. While not directly supported by the Political Economy Section of The American Political Science Association, this site is maintained with their blessing.
Anyone is welcome to browse the archives and download any papers which may be of interest. Contributions at this time are being taken as e-mail attachments. This will change when the web-based upload facility becomes functional in the near future. To properly interface with the site and its contents, you will need the most current browser (version 4) and Abobe Acrobat Reader (version 3) programs. See the Utilities page for details.
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this archive are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of The University of Michigan, The Center for Political Studies, The Institute for Social Research, The American Political Science Association (APSA), The Political Economy Section of APSA, or the author or maintainers of this website. All contributing authors assume full responsibility and liability for the material which they post here.
PEWPA's Director is Robert J. Franzese, Jr., Assistant Professor of Political Science at The University of Michigan. PEWPA was developed is maintained and programmed by Todd L. Austin, Computer Systems Consultant, also in the Department of Political Science at The University of Michigan.

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