Eleanor Gao

Visiting Scholar


Visiting Scholar, Center for Political Studies


Ph.D. 2012 University of Michigan (Political Science)


Eleanor Gao's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan
426 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104–2321, United States

Email: ellagao@umich.edu

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I am broadly interested in understanding why public goods provision varies from place to place within semi-democratic and authoritarian countries and in particular how the social diversity or the social structure of a location can impact public goods provision. For my dissertation project, I investigated the impact of tribal diversity and tribal cohesion on municipal services and on local levels of patronage and electoral competition in Jordan. This project uses both quantitative and qualitative data to demonstrate that tribal heterogeneity and the lack of intra-tribal cohesion can enhance local public goods provision. Currently, I am also working on a number of other topics including understanding tribal coordination under the single non transferable vote system and the impact of the women's quota on female political participation. Outside of tribal politics, I am also broadly interested in the fields of identity politics, politics of the Arab world, and the politics of semi-democratic/authoritarian countries.

Selected publications. Please also see Eleanor Gao's Curriculum Vitae (CV)...

Static imaginations and the possibilities of radical change: Reflecting on the Arab Spring, with Federico Caprotti. Forthcoming in Area in 2012. DOI 10.1111/j.1475-4762.2012.01110.x

Democracy and the political culture orientations of ordinary citizens: A typology for the Arab world and perhaps beyond, with Mark Tessler. 2009. International Social Science Journal, 192. Reprinted in Public Opinion Research in the Arab world: Political orientations of ordinary citizens

Book Review of “Being Modern in Iran”. 2006. Journal of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies, 2(2), 152-155.

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