MCubed Evaluation Project

The MCubed initiative is a program at the University of Michigan that is intended to foster collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach to cutting edge research.

The Institute for Social Research has been selected to conduct an evaluation of the MCubed initiative. The evaluation will consist of the collection and analysis of four streams of data: surveys of individuals, MCubed website usage records, administrative data records, and measures of scholarly output.

Funding for the evaluation is being provided by the Office of the Provost and College of Engineering of the University of Michigan, with additional contributions from the Institute for Social Research and its Center for Political Studies.


While the evaluation will collect and make use of individual-level information in the evaluation of the program, all data will be securely stored and de-identified prior to analysis in order to protect confidentiality. Results will only be reported at an aggregate level which does not allow the identification of individuals. The MCubed Evaluation Project has been reviewed by the University of Michigan’s Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Boards.


Questions about the MCubed Evaluation Project should be directed to Principal Investigator Michael Traugott (, 734-763-4702) or Co-Principal Investigator David Howell (, 734-936-1774).

Individuals who have questions or concerns about their rights and responsibilities as a participant in research should contact the Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Boards (, 734-998-9171).