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Design of Instruction

Substantive Units to be Covered

1. Institutions, Bureaucratic Performance, & Political Behavior

2. Complex-systems, Agent-based, & Computational Models

3. Theoretical & Empirical Models in International Relations

Other Guest Lecturers

Faculty Affiliates (2001-2004 EITM I-IV)

2002 EITM I Home (Harvard)

Contact: eitm@umich.edu Please direct further inquiries to the EITM coordinator (e-mail address above) at the Center for Political Studies of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Syllabi, Lecture Notes, & Assignments

from 2002 EITM (Harvard) .

 Unit 1: Spatial Modeling

Syllabus (PDF)

Lecture Notes:

Brady 1 (PDF) Brady 2 (PDF) Brady 3 (PDF) Brady 4 (PDF) Brady 5 (PDF) Snyder (PDF)

Assignments (PDF) Answers

Unit 2: Macro Political Economy

Syllabus (PDF)

Lecture Notes:

Notes 1 (PDF) Notes 2 (PDF)

Franzese 1 (PDF) Franzese 2 (PDF)

Londregan 1 (PDF) Londregan 2 (PDF) Londregan 3 (PDF)

Adolph (PDF)


Assignment 1 (PDF) Assignment 2 (PDF)

Answers 1 (PDF) Answers 2 (PDF)

Unit 3: Institutional Model

Syllabus (PDF)

Lecture Notes:

Aldrich 1 (Powerpoint) Aldrich 2 (PDF)

Lupia 1 (Powerpoint) Lupia 2 (Powerpoint)

Lupia 3 (Powerpoint) Lupia 4 (Powerpoint)

Diermeier (Powerpoint)

McCarty 1 (Powerpoint) McCarty 2 (Powerpoint)

McCarty 3 (Powerpoint)


Assignment 1 (Powerpoint) Assignment 2 (Powerpoint)

Additional Guest Lecturers:

Cederman: Interaction Topologies in Complex Social Systems: Agent-based Modeling

Syllabus (PDF)

Lecture Notes:

Cederman 1 (Powerpoint)

Cederman 2 (Powerpoint)

Cederman 3 (Powerpoint)

Sartori: Deterrence and Diplomacy

Lecture Notes