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I. Institutions and Institutional Analysis

II. Empirical Evaluation of Causality

III. Complexity: Diversity, Networks, Adaptation, and Emergence

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Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models
(19 June - 14 July, 2006)

Institutions and Institutional Analysis

19 June - 23 June, 2006

John Aldrich (Duke) & Arthur Lupia (Michigan)

Guests: Orit Kedar (Michigan) & Nolan McCarty (Princeton)


This unit explores Empirical Implications of Institutional Models. It traces the origins, successful development, and potentially problematic aspects of the New Institutionalism literature, combining lectures and innovative class activities to understand modern studies of the causes and consequences of institutional choices. Activities use examples of bureaucratic performance and voter competence (plus Congressional organization, election laws, separation of powers, coalition bargaining, jury decision-making, political development, etc.). The week also addresses (a) some constructive debates on the appropriateness to political contexts of the modern proliferation of equilibrium concepts and statistical-estimation procedures, (b) how incomplete information affects institutional efficacy, and (c) innovative data-collection methods. Past work teaches critical lessons, but this week aims to improve the scientific and social value of new research, helping to shape the new new institutionalism

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