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I. Institutions and Institutional Analysis

II. Empirical Evaluation of Causality

III. Complexity: Diversity, Networks, Adaptation, and Emergence

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Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models
(19 June - 14 July, 2006)

Complexity: Diversity, Networks, Adaptation, and Emergence

3 July, 5 July-8 July, 2006


Scott Page (Univeristy of Michigan)

Guests: Jenna Bednar (University of Michigan), James Fowler (University of California, Davis) and Ken Kollman (University of Michigan)


We will begin by describing complexity loosely and then formally. We will discuss its relation to equilibrium analysis. We will also provide a practical, quick, effective hands-on introduction to using computational methods. Then, with the help of a series of guests, we will explore how complexity and agent-based approaches are expanding research possibility-frontiers in four topical areas: connectedness & networks analysis (e.g., in judicial politics), adaptation & learning (e.g., in party formation and competition), externalities & complexity (e.g., in public-policymaking), and diversity & heterogeneity (e.g., in cultural and in ethnic-conflict studies).

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