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1. Institutions, Bureaucratic Performance, & Political Behavior

2. Complex-systems, Agent-based, & Computational Models

3. Theoretical & Empirical Models in International Relations

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Contact: eitm@umich.edu Please direct further inquiries to the EITM coordinator (e-mail address above) at the Center for Political Studies of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models
 (15 June - 12 July , 2003) 

Complex-systems, Agent-based,

& Computational Models:

(23 - 28 June, 2003)

Scott Page (Michigan) & Ken Kollman (Michigan)

Guests: Scott De Marchi (Duke) & Troy Tassier (Michigan)

This week focuses on complex-systems models and their use in describing and analyzing the choice and effects of political institutions. The week divides into three parts. First, it presents some basic models and concepts from complex-systems theory. Second, it shows how to apply these techniques to the study of formal and informal political institutions. Third, it describes how to evaluate these models empirically using historical-comparative and experimental data. 


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