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1. Institutions, Bureaucratic Performance, & Political Behavior

2. Complex-systems, Agent-based, & Computational Models

3. Theoretical & Empirical Models in International Relations

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Contact: eitm@umich.edu Please direct further inquiries to the EITM coordinator (e-mail address above) at the Center for Political Studies of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models
(15 June - 12 July , 2003)

Application Process & Financial Support:

The application deadline is February 10, 2003.

 We intend to accept about 25 participants, mostly advanced graduate students who are past general exams, preferably with a completed dissertation prospectus or plan but not yet at writing-up stages. We will also accept some junior faculty preferably at a stage where they are wishing to add something to a defended dissertation before publication or embarking on a "second project". We will base admission substantially on the quality and potential of research proposed in the application.

Interested candidates should apply by providing: 

· Vita with name and contact information, current location and position. 

· 5-10 page description of a research proposal. 

· Short (1-2 page) statement of interest and purpose in applying for the summer program.

· Two letters of recommendation. 

· If student: current status in graduate school (passed exams? defended proposal?). 

Please submit application materials, including the two letters of recommendation which recommenders should send separately with your name and EITM in the e-mail message's subject heading, as PDF attachments or in Rich-Text-Format via e-mail to eitm@umich.edu, or, if necessary, by mail to:

EITM Coordinator
Room 4256, Institute for Social Research
426 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(Please be sure to include your e-mail address)

All application materials must be received by
Sunday, February 2, 2003

Successful applicants will be notified (by e-mail) by 28 February. 

Financial support will include a stipend for travel and living expense (round-trip airfare and dormitory housing, as necessary, plus a modest allowance for meals and incidentals).