Winning Proposal to the Hanes Walton, Jr. Endowment: 2015 Competition

Project Title: In-Group Stereotypes, Skin Tone, & Policy Support among Blacks

Graduate Student: Nicole Yadon

Project Description

This project will have a large impact on the field of political science. It will not only enrich the literature on public opinion, it will also enhance our understanding of black politics, black group heterogeneity, in-group stereotyping, and highlight the important yet understudied issue of colorism. Apart from seminal works from Dr. Walton and a handful of other scholars, too little empirical research has been devoted to understanding the important and complex topic of black politics. Indeed, too little research has been devoted to studying this phenomenon of black opinion becoming less liberal on certain policy opinions. Thus, this project will serve to illuminate this puzzle, propose potential mechanisms, and test them empirically. The combination of time series data from the ANES and GSS to inform the phenomenon, plus my innovative experiments using both closed-ended and open-ended questions, will provide a deeper insight into how blacks think about politics. Overall, this project will inform our understanding of group politics generally, black politics specifically, and stereotypes about the in-group broadly.