Pierce Awards

The Roy Pierce Scholars Fund provides summer support for two graduate students in the University of Michigan Political Science Department to work with a member of CPS faculty. The Pierce Fund honors Roy Pierce, who for almost 50 years was associated with Michigan's Department of Political Science. He became a researcher in the Center for Political Studies in the 1960s and remained active there until his death. Roy was a leading scholar of French politics and a creative practitioner of genuinely comparative research.

Current Award Winners

2018 Winning Proposals:
Benjamin Lempert/Donald Kinder
Patrick Y. Wu/Walter Mebane
Paul Atwell/Noah Nathan

Application Process

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The Pierce Awards are funded entirely through donations. If you would be interested in contributing financial support, you may do so by clicking the "Give Online" button below.

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Past Award Winners

2017 Winning Proposals:
Jessica Sun/Scott Tyson
Charles Crabtree/Yuri Zhukov
Megan Ryan/Nahomi Ichino
Erin Cikanek/Nick Valentino

2016 Winning Proposals:
Nick Valentino/James Newburg
Ted Brader/Hwayong Shin
Ken Kollman/James Strickland

2015 Winning Proposal:
Nahomi Ichino/Peter Carroll

2014 Winning Proposals:
Robert Mickey/Christina Kinane
Nicholas Valentino/Fabian Guy Neuner

2013 Winning Proposals:
Jenna Bednar/Srinivas Parinandi
Rocio Titiunik/Andrew Feher

2012 Winning Proposals:
Brian Min/Jowei Chen/Vanessa Cruz
Jana von Stein/Laura Seago

2011 Winning Proposals:
Ted Brader/Timothy Ryan
Brian Min/James Atkinson

2010 Winning Proposals:
Jowei Chen/Kate Bradley
Andrew Kerner/Alton Worthington

2009 Winning Proposals:
Robert Franzese/Valenta Kabo
Rob Salmond/Cassandra Grafstrom

2008 Winning Proposals:
Robert Franzese/Kenichi Ariga
Jana von Stein/Johannes Urpelainen

2007 Winning Proposals:
Allen Hicken/Megan Reif
Anna Grzymala-Busse/Yoshikuni Ono

2006 Winning Proposal:
Mary Gallagher/Shijian Li

2005 Winning Proposals:
Allen Hicken/Jennifer Epley
Cara Wong/Laura Potter








Paul AtwellThe Pierce Award has provided opportunities for me to bring to bear some of the central substantive and methodological questions that brought me to academia. Through carrying out a modest field experiment in northern Ghana with Noah Nathan, my perspectives and interests have been greatly refined as I narrow in on a dissertation theme. Additionally, the resulting data will fuel many professionalizing experiences as it becomes a working paper and ultimately moves to publication. I am immensely thankful to the Roy Pierce Scholars Fund for its continued role in my academic development through supporting collaborative research.
   - Paul Atwell, 2018


I am so grateful to have received the Pierce Award, which supported my research with Nicholas Valentino on the causal antecedents of political interest. The generous assistance provided by the award enabled us to collect original data while also affording me the financial stability to devote my summer to this research. The Pierce Award and the support offered by the Center for Political Studies allowed me to grow as a scholar and I am very thankful for the opportunities that receiving the Award has provided me in the early stages of my academic career.
   - Erin Cikanek, 2017