Winning Proposal to the Converse-Miller Scholar's Fund: 2016 Competition

Project Title: #New(s)MediaEffects: Journalistic Reliance on Twitter and News Representations of Blacks and Latinos

Faculty Sponsors: Mara Ostfeld

Graduate Student: Alejandro Pineda

Project Description

This research will serve to build on and advance Dr. Ostfeld’s research exploring the relationship between political media and the political dynamics of minority racial and ethnic communities in the U.S. It will also expand her focus into the understudied area of online political media, as well as add to the limited political science literature on this topic. Mr. Pineda shares an interest in the political behavior and attitudes of minority racial and ethnic groups in the U.S., with a specific interest in Latinos. However, he brings unique and important skill sets to this project. He has extensive experience with statistical programming and analysis, and is deeply interested in social media, web-scraping, and the type of “big data” analytics that this study will employ. Drawing from his programming experience, his skills will be particularly valuable in employing existing “sentiment” analysis software to create the dataset of news and Twitter content needed for our inquiry. We plan to meet every week and be in regular contact so that we can routinely check in on each other’s progress, and troubleshoot challenges that arise.