This website introduces the Continent of International Law (COIL). The COIL dataset is drawn from the United Nations Treaty Series and features a random sample of agreements across the issue areas of economics, environment, human rights and security. It includes both bilateral and multilateral agreements, and also attempts to code the underlying cooperation problems that brought state actors to the negotiating table.

The current sample of agreements was drawn at a time when the online version of the United Nations Treaty Series featured all of the international agreements published in hard copy volumes through the registration date of December 1986. The second random sample will feature agreements with registration dates from 1987-2006.

The creation of COIL was supported by the National Science Foundation under awards SES-0094376 & SES-0801581.

Users of the COIL data are asked to use the following citation:

Koremenos, Barbara (2013). The Continent of International Law. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 57(4): 653-681.