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The ANES 2016 Times Series Study

Since 1948, the ANES- a collaborative project between the University of Michigan and Stanford University- has conducted benchmark election surveys on voting, public opinion, and political participation. The 2016 data are available now.  read more

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  • CPS Workshop- Daron Shaw (University of Texas-Austin)
    The Connection (?) Between Turnout And Partisan Vote Choice
    Wed, Oct 18 2017 12noon - 1:30pm, 6080 ISR


Donald Kinder elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Donald Kinder Donald Kinder is elected to the National Academy of Sciences for his path-breaking contributions to the study of American Politics. He has spent his professional career at the Center for Political Studies in the Institute for Social Research, which has been the academic home of many members of the National Academies.
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Rocio Titiunik Rocio Titiunik Winks 2016 Emerging Scholar Award
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Yuri Zhukov Yuri Zhukov Receives Bruce Russett Award
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Andrew Martin Andrew Martin Wins Prestigious Lasting Contribution Award
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Robert Mickey Robert Mickey Wins APSA J. David Greenstone Prize
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Arun Agrawal Arun Agrawal Named Samuel Trask Dana Professor
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